A Dream Away…


Hold on to the Colours

Blow me Away

I Swim with the Waves

Flying with the Wind

Fairground Attraction

une ballerine dort/A ballerina sleeps

Photographer Maia Flore: My Dreamy Afternoon

So, A Dream Away…You know this that feeling when you just want to get away from the world either dreaming or just staring out of the window; it’s the place you can rely on when you’re soooo totally stressed. So (wait I keep on say so… hmmm…) anyway when I’m stressed I never want to read people blabbing on random-ly (oh wait I’m doing that.. AAWWWKWWARDDD!) So yeah I’m just goanna leave you with these awesome photos by French photographer -Maia Flore and her photos.

Check out her blog –belopotosky.com



Tiffany Amber at face of africa 2010 finale

AFRICA FASHION WEEK! Here we have a real experience to see a brilliant catwalk. Not only will you be able to see a great  fashion show, but you will also be able to compare fashion from away to fashion from here and if you are planning on going then think about how people wear the clothes they wear to express themselves. DETAILS=EVENT LOCATION: London’s Spitalfields Market HallTIME: 3rd and 4th of August 2012DO: Enjoy (Random!)

Ahhh-Catching Title

OK so I’m not feeling super great AT ALL as I’ve been forced to run 1500m and since I’m already bad enough at sport ahhhhh! oh soz about the random stuff, but this can only be my own fault and think I’ve been given signs. First I right a blog about my negative opinions of sport then I convince myself that it’s actually not that bad. Are you reading this person who forced me to do it? Do you read mind -ok that sounds wierd-.

Ok so I thought we’d just look at some really eye catching pieces…

Photo A

OK so all these pictures are from vogue but it’s probably a good idea to start with photo A, these outfits may come as a shock to you because they’re not practially sophisticated or ‘swarve’ but eccentric and O.T.T however surprisingly beautiful and in a way elegant. It’s also almost like a mix of every period of time for example on th second left it looks like a very heavy material which was very popular centries ago. Overall these are eye catching, dynamic pieces that are mainly interesting because they are just so different and individual to everything else!

PHOTO B! This is probably my favourite out of the three photos, the first one that caught my eye was of the amazing outfit with the wooden spiral skirt. This collection of looks complete shows what fashion is all about, breaking boundaries  and wearing want you want to show off your individual personality. I think we have a bit of everything here: Aztec, an interpretation of a classic 20s look, a ‘home made’ around the house item and an outfit inspired by the Roman? -Birds?

PHOTO C it’s like my idea of christmas, we’ve got the decorations, christmas rappers and…CANDYFLOSS. My favourite is the second to the right the rainbow colours the outstanding shape and I also love how you can’t see the heads of the models as it does not distract you from the wonderful outfits!


Photography by Moi!

Water Rose

These are a few Photos I took and I just thought I’d show you a few. Thankx! 😀 !

Pig Nose



Wilting Flower and it’s Reflection