Ok so I thought I’d put a bit of fabulous French as the title of this post. It translates as THAT’S LIFE MY DEAR cos’ I saw it on this top at MANGO and seriously fell in love with it!

Oh yeah and on mango, is it like high street or random pricey dunno. Cause like that top was only 14.99 but I mean some things go in at £100 so I suppose it’s worth looking around. So high street bonanza! (or whatever they call it) So I thought I’d start with the basic shops that are stylish yet affordable e.t.c:

Ok TOPSHOP is great and most people think it’s pricey but for the price they sell it for, it’s a bargain! Here are some of my fav Topshop pieces…

Dip Dye Shorts!

MOTO striped hotpants

Colour burst tunic/dress

CJG shoes!

Mary Katranzou’s collection -It’s almost completely sold out! -Back in stock next week (Ssshhhh!)

Annie Greenabelle’s pretty in a rosy pink!

So now I’m going to leave you with the mystery of what happens next and I will continue on my next post! xoxo


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