Print Blocking! Wild Cat!

Bitta Print Blocking!

So print blocking, it’s a great way to express your colourful personality and just plain awesomeness! So for starters if you want to base your look around the style then you should try high streetshops such as;

TOPSHOP (Mary Katranzou) and

H&M (Spring/Summer collection) there’s also shops which has a vary of clothes e.g. MATALAN, HOUSE OF FRASER, E.T.C
Another good thing about print blocking is that you don’t just have to use bright colours you could also use; pastels, monochrome, sea tones and more. Remember Print Blocking isn’t just about colours ‘over the rainbow’ you can base it on diferent shades of one colour of go for a theme like vintage! Hmm… talking of vintage I’m thinking of doing a vintage page soon so keep your eyes peeled. WARNING WARNING: DON’T GO OVER THE TOP! There’s nothing worse than being known as the Crazy  I mean Over The Top Queen. Although layering can also appear expensive or even designer!

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