Sporty Chic


When I think about sporty fashion I picture hoodies, trackie bottoms and trainers! And personally I don’t think it’s all that exciting as I’m not greatly interested in sport lessons, I just like doing my own things -to be honest! So despite my negative view I thought I’d do some investigating…

OK so I’m going to basically look at some pics, take elements from it rate it and so on. Let’s start with the picture above it’s actually out of Vogue and to be honest this picture alone has changed my opinion on the whole sporty look. Colourful socks, rainbow string tops, vibrant hats, big hair and pure funky-ness. This is just showing to that women everywhere can be fashionable anywhere. Overall I would give these outfits **** =4 stars. As it is sporty chic, jolly and bright however it doesn’t make me want to save up for the probably expensive outfit.

OK so lets now look at photo A, now I am not going to lie this is exactly the kind of thing that I hate about sporty fashion, jumpers with bracelets?! Baby blue with bright pink -NAH! However I do like the socks that dark green with white stripes to add an edge, actually the socks are the only thing I like! Sorryx Now I like the denim shorts but not with the outfit, I know they’ve tried to make it more sporty by the way it’s cut but it just doesn’t do it for me. So sadly I’m going to have to give this outfit a **=2 stars. Some people will love this look however it is personally not my thing.

Moving on to photo B  I love these outfits, however you may argue that they are not relevant to the topic, I totally disagreeever heard of a tennis skirt? I’m loving the monochrome look and surprisingly I would be ok with wearing the outfit on the left on the tennis court. The item on the right is also gorgeous with the scarf effect neckline to add a sportive edge and that shoking electric blue just makes it! Overall I would give this look *****=5 stars as.. I dunno, I just LOVE  IT! :D!



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