Bright Ligths in a Big City

So today we’re talking about the bright lights A.K.A Neon!

No before you ask we are not going back to the 80s like the lady above, but instead we’re going to look at how people have used it more… recently…

But you know sometimes you don’t want to blind people with your full on florescent outfit, so as you can see from the picture above you can just add a pear of neon heels and you’ll be away! For example:

This could be a very safe and boring outfit from twilight star Kirsten Stewart but she manages to pull it off with those fun funky heels!

GOOD AND BAD NEON! (just in case you go OTT)

Mission Accomplished Neon…

Want to make a statement? Go for oversized Shades!

Not recommended Neon -just incase you blind someone- however if you are passionate about a look then definately go for it! My opinion is just one of many…

hmm… not everyone’s cup of tea…

continuing on the list we are going…


But Overall…

Neon isn’t so bad, I mean it brightens up our days makes us feel more confident and where neon is the party is! Here are some more pictures both from the 80s and NOW!

Quick run away!

mood board with clothes and accessories in neon colours, michael kors neon pink sweater, shourouk neon earrings, current/elliot neon jeans, freida & nellie friendship bracelet, mac cosmetics neon orange lipstick, cambridge neon satchel, brian atwood neon pumps and essie neon nail polish

Band Stooshe put a smile on our faces!

Little Mix being… bright!



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