Ravishing Retro

so retro!
Love a bit of it…
Ok random but i’ve been meaning to do a vintage theme for a while and it won’t perfect cause the computers’ kinda crashing and stuff so I thought this app called Retro Camera Plus and I kinda got it because I felt random-o and well… It’s free! So I took some pictures of really un-vintage things and gave them a vintage setting:







Yeah so what was the message of this? Well, I’m kinda saying that if you wanna have a go a some vintage photography you won’t have to travel back in time or if you’re going for a vintage look then you don’t have to dig out your gran’s old dress! You can create something perfectly vintage just with your own unique twist. After all why would you want to wear something that’s already been seen and done!

ok sorry this was so random but I thought I’d just let ya know! Thanksx!!!


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