Ma’ love for MANGA!


So you’ve probably heard of manga or anime, the Japanese style of drawing or fashion. But we’re not goanna be focusing on the art side of things but instead the dress!


Manga Fashion is huge in Japan and people often dress to suit their favourite character in a certain anime series.
Below are some popular manga anime comics and some characters that people might base their style on:



Ok so their are many more but you know… But what’s the message here, huh? Well the whole thing about ‘being British’ is all about being individual and not following the crowd; now i’m not saying you have to go all Paradise Kiss but just injecting a little bit of you’re own uniqueness in your everyday style!
Below are some more pics of how people have used manga in their daily style…

Angel wings!

Soz about the blurs but check out the socks!-awesome!!




However, manga isn’t just a fashion but as I said before it’s a form of art. Now I know Anime is ment to be extremely difficult and…yeah… really difficult! But I thought I’d have a go anyway:





yeah sorry there not great but you know, ok you don’t… Whatever so I hoped you realised that well… Be bright bold and individual!


9 thoughts on “Ma’ love for MANGA!

  1. I love manga too. I haven’t had the chance to see paradise kiss but i love anime and manga. I would so love to talk about it. I love your drawings and fashion choices. I am going to follow you to read more.

      • they are really interesting. I love how they incorporate the fashion choices to the theme of the show.I watch Tower of Druaga and they had very nice Babylonian outfits mingled with a little fashion of modern Japan.

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