Quick Beauty Shop!!

So a few days ago I had a quick shop at SUPERDRUG and I thought I’d give you the know on how I got on!


Starting with this SKYLASH waterproof mascara from collection 2000. I was looking for a well… basically a cheap mascara that showed I had lashes! And I think it was recommended somewhere so I was like ‘Ok!’ and it was only £3.99. I tried it, it was great! A lot better than expected your lashes look long and black and bold but not fake -Perfect! Now for the design; I actually love the packaging with the blue representing waterproof and the interesting shape with the bottle getting wider as it goes up. The brush is bendy -which is nice- and half of the brush has long spikes and the other half has short ones. The smell however is not overly pleasant but you can’t really be surprised by that. Though overall a great product which I’m going to recommend!

I got this for £2.99. To start with the packaging -it’s nice packaging, perfect handbag size and it’s also nice and stable -not glass but not squeezable- it’s just right! The smell is buttery and kinda cake-y; it’s slightly strange but better than a plain chemical-y smell. So I went into Superdrug looking for a nude lipstick and a lady directed me to this. But what do I think? First I want to say the colour is absolutely gorgeous however when you apply it’s not quite blended and it’s quite difficult to apply with just the brush and you may find you have to smudge slightly. So although it’s not what you would want but you should try it on your lips whilst I just tried it on my hand. But overall apart from showing all the slightest cracks in you lips it is (as it says on the tin) a velvety soft, matte finish lip cream.

This is one of the more recent So…? fragrances and WHOA (!) it’s all about being British. Now I got the body fragrance for 99p though it varies from 99p-£2 (the eau de toilette is mostly £6). The bottle is light and just pulled off being handbag size. The smell is fruity and playful also very sweet and girlie. Soft and sweet but subtle -that sums it up!

Image of L'Oreal Elnett Satin Volume Extra Strength Hairspray 200ml

L’oreal Elnett Hairspray Volume Extra lastly and I got this for my birthday from someone and I’ve found it really useful. I mean when you have your hair in a bun or you’ve curled it, just whip out this little 75ml bottle and wha la! Also it really does do what it says on the tin: Dries almost instantly, is rock solid yet looks soft and really does disappear at the stroke of the brush. The bottle is again; light, easy to use and well.. looks good!

Ok so that’s all I got in the famous Superdrug, but I hope that helped a bit next time you find yourself shopping! Thanksx
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