See it. Love it. Think. Create.

Not living in the prettiest part of London (I’ve already been assaulted by cake -long story) it’s not that easy to wear the latest statement Prada gem -I mean I would if it didn’t mean me saving money  for most of my lifetime and the fear of being assaulted by some other food type. But that also doesn’t mean I can’t go bargain hunting for hidden high street deals and then hop on the train to Oxford street to show off my new quirky clothes! But basically this is a bit of a random post that’s kinda saying “hey look at this stuff you could tone it down or rock it your way”.

But basically what I’m trying to say is that you can  really take something and use your imagination to create something individual to you.

Love it. Hate it. Think what you want:

(Vivienne Westwood)


(Prada s/s13)

(Ralph Lauren)

(Vivienne Westwood)

(Chanel A/W2012/2013)

(Prada -very Mary Quant)


(Vivienne Westwood)


Vivienne Westwood:

OK so I know that was a bit random but I love those pieces and they gave me some serious ideas, I hope they gave you the same inspiration.

3 thoughts on “See it. Love it. Think. Create.

    • That was the exact point I was trying to get across and with people constantly being pressured into being what is considered to be normal I encourage everyone to be the person that you are not the person the girl next to you wants you to be!

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