Highstreet make-up review to the MAX!

So I did a bit of shopping today in Boots and I really needed a mascara so I was like lets have a look. I was out with a friend and she recommended-

And she said that she lived religiously by it, so I picked it up but then I saw this-

and it was reduced from £7.99 to £5.99 so I thought I would get this one as it was the latest version (and I just love a bargain!).
The appearance is a nice design that is shaped like a rocket and wrapped in electric blue; it’s quite a big bottle so not one you could put in a tiny purse but could difinately slip in your handbag (however for me this is difficult as there’s so much rubbish in my handbag that it might take me a while to find it!). Also the brush itself is nice and thick with lots of small flexible bristles.
As for appliance the brush does not bend -making it more difficult to apply for all us non-professionals! However with a bit of practice it’ll be perfect. The mascara itself it good as there is an effect and you can see a difference in this example from pocket swatch:

On the packet it says no clumps I have to disagree as when I applied it there were clumps on the end of my lashes and some of them stuck together which is quite irritating but yes there is an effect, I’m being quite harsh though and compared to my last mascara which was collection 2000 skylash mascara this is much better and it was more expensive so that’s really what you can expect.
So my overall review would be it’s not your brilliant Dior £40 mascara but is does the job and it shows off your eyelashes -I would give it a go!

The next product I bought was Max Factor liquid eyeliner in black-

I got this because it isn’t like your bog standard poor quality but cheap shop brand eyeliner as the last one I got was difficult to apply and sometimes flaked but isn’t robbing me; I think this was around £6. The packaging is pretty dull and I’ve got to say when I opened it I was a little disappointed as the 6/8 of the bottle was the brush itself and I thought that Max Factor would raise there standards. The brush itself is nice and solid and it’s very easy to apply. For what is it though I would recommend this product if your a bit short of cash but need a liquid eyeliner that works!

Then I went into Primark because you know it’s cheap; first I noticed that they had a big ‘military chic’ theme going on which I love and of course skater skirts; long jumpers and piles of leggings for £3 each. My friend was deciding whether to go for marron or patterned or fake leather leggings so I left and headed to the make up section.  I very rarely buy make up fom Primark as it tends to be low quality although I always like to have a look; I came across some fake leopard print nails-

now these were only £1 so I thought “shma” and got a pair for me and my friend. I then came across a face mask-

The flavour I got was passion flower and honey; my friend had another version from boots so we decided to have a face mask session and compare the two products. So compared the boots brand to this Primark one and:
Smell = Primark

Feel when applying = both
Relaxing feeling when wearing = Boots
Softer skin = Boots

but I suppose that’s what you wld really expect as the Primark version was only £0.60 and the Boots was over £2, I didn’t really enjoy wearing the Primark one though so I wld go for a nice smelling boots face mask!

Later today we tried on the leopard print fake nails and were pleased find glue in them (little did we know what chaos that tiny pot of glue would cause) so we put on the nail and they looked super cool and felt what life would be like if we didn’t bite our nails, but then I was like, ‘maybe we shld take these off cos y’know… Primark’
so we looked at the packet and it said that if you dunked the nails in nail varnish remover then they would just dissolve -this was not the case and we actually spent a gd 20mins trying to picks these nails off bit by bit. After that disastrous attempt we were then left with the problem of taking the glue off our nails and to this time of 22:10 the glue is still yet to de-exist itself. Then later we decided to decorate a canvas that wld go in my new room and I said (like a geniuosdammit– genuis),
‘hey lets stick these pics on with that glue’

The glue did work in sticking down the pictures

It also worked really well by creating a seriously difficult to get rid of layers of glue over all our fingers.

So I’m just warning you cheap isn’t always best

and you’re probably best off just not buying it in the first place.



See it. Love it. Think. Create.

Not living in the prettiest part of London (I’ve already been assaulted by cake -long story) it’s not that easy to wear the latest statement Prada gem -I mean I would if it didn’t mean me saving money  for most of my lifetime and the fear of being assaulted by some other food type. But that also doesn’t mean I can’t go bargain hunting for hidden high street deals and then hop on the train to Oxford street to show off my new quirky clothes! But basically this is a bit of a random post that’s kinda saying “hey look at this stuff you could tone it down or rock it your way”.

But basically what I’m trying to say is that you can  really take something and use your imagination to create something individual to you.

Love it. Hate it. Think what you want:

(Vivienne Westwood)


(Prada s/s13)

(Ralph Lauren)

(Vivienne Westwood)

(Chanel A/W2012/2013)

(Prada -very Mary Quant)


(Vivienne Westwood)


Vivienne Westwood:

OK so I know that was a bit random but I love those pieces and they gave me some serious ideas, I hope they gave you the same inspiration.

Oxford Street Baby!

So yeah my three favourite places in London: Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Oxford Street. So lucky me managed to hop on the train/underground (English for subway) and to the legendary Oxford Street! Putting aside Christmas shopping (I’m spoiling myself with a gorg ‘Rita Ora’ hat) I was looking for basic themes in all the high street shops and there was a lot of this:

-I’m kinda pleased because last year and LFW I saw this girl in the most amazing long pencil skirt with the print on, I fell in love with it immediately; so I’m not gonna lie -it feels good to buy a key statement piece for under £100!
Just a few ideas:


(Topshop’s How to wear stars)


(Dolce and Gabbana )

(Colourful or monochrome -your choice)

(Dolce and Gabbana)


I also saw a lot of this:

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all digging the army look and what great is that it can be anything you want it to be, this look is so in right now -you’d be mad to ignore it!
Some Ideas:

(Victoria Beckham)

(Just add a hint of military to create serious style!)

(check out that gorg Chanel hat!)

(Prada’s going for it!)


BTW aren’t you loving creepers?:





We love em’ really!

Best ad seen in vogue for fall!


We’re also loving the heritage look:
Vivienne Westwood adding a twist to the classic

Ralph Lauren

Ok so I’ve jam-packed you with all da goss. But which is your fav? Heritage? Military? Galaxy? Thanks! 😀